MacMag39 — online

     Three years ago, MacMag39 was launched, selling 800 copies worldwide and getting featured with the likes of Archdaily, Dezeen and Archinect. Now, by popular demand, it can be also read online.

The experience of reading on a screen is inevitably different from that of reading a physical book. This digital-analogue relationship is one of key topics of the publication itself, so I am not going to expand on that, and will only point out that the translucent sheets have been excluded from the digital copy — they were deliberately designed as an analogue-only experience, and do not translate online. The only way to experience (imagine?) this effect on screen is by checking out the photos of the printed publication, available here.

The huge advantage of the digital, however, is the ability to reach a much wider audience, fast. The digital version of MacMag39 had a soft launch earlier this year, and was originally only shared with those who requested to read the book after all the physical copies were gone. Between those who requested, and those who stumbled on it via issuu suggestions, the book was read over 800 times — surpassing the number of physical copies out in the world. Now that it has been embedded on this blog, the number of readers is probably going to grow at an ever faster rate, reaching even further corners of the world. Like this, MacMag39 continues to live — online.

MacMag as a series of publications by independent Editor teams continues to thrive as well — the latest issue, MacMag42, has just been launched and, unless they already sold out, is available at the GSofA Degree Show. Go get yours before they're all gone, and spread the MacMag love!