New York: the Beginning

     When I started this blog post in Helsinki airport, New York seemed really distant. This is probably due to all the complications I had to overcome to be able to go: 2 months of writing emails, fighting bureaucracy, compiling 27-page visa applications (twice), and waiting for what seemed an eternity.

Now that I am sitting on the Low Memorial Library steps at Columbia University - having spent just 24 hours exploring the place – it feels surprisingly familiar. I am sure I will fit right in. Today has already been a success on my path of becoming a local for the year, as I got myself a US phone (with their tricky system), the metro card, and the plug adaptors – some of my devices now get a UK-to-European-to-US plug mechanism.

Tomorrow, I discover what the Internship will be like. Saturday - moving into the apartment. My NYC life is starting!